Holiday at First camp in Umea 2019

We have now spend a lazy holiday at First camp in Umea, Sweden 2019. It is like little Norway because there are Norwegians everywhere. In between I can hear some Finish, Dutch, Germans and Swedish.

The First camp in Umea

The First camp is an expensive place even when you are camping in your our own  caravan.. But we love the camp. There is a lot of possibilities which makes the place attractive like a swimmingpool, swimming in the bay, football, hiking, playground for the children and much more. It can be windy, but that is lovely when the day is hot. Looking back I must say we have almost always been lucky with the weather. The camp is surrounded with a forrest. Nothing is better lying in bed listening to the whizzing in the trees. The forrest are popular amongst the hikers and people who love to jog.
But when the Pandemic is over I would really recommend the camp and the town.
A Campsite holiday in Sweden

A possible drawback

A drawback, if I should mention one, you got to pay for almost a non- existing shared internet. And if you are travelling with a teenager that is a must. The solution is easy. Next time I’ll bring my «mobile router or broadband» along. Internet and television have never been a big issue until the kids became teenagers.. For all previous years you have had to pay for having a shower. But now you can do that for free.
In perspective this is just trivialities. I feel so ashamed! These issues don’t matter at all. Yesterday (2019) there was a tragic plaincrash in Umea where nine people lost their lifes. I am thinking on them, their families and friends💕
The last days in Umeå, Sweden
So our holiday at First camp in Umea, Sweden 2019 will never be forgotten. But as soon the Pandemic is over we will return….

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  1. So cool so amazing. Great memories sometimes get us through tough times like these. Thank you for sharing this.

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