A Campsite holiday in Sweden

Our weekly summer holiday in Sweden has sadly come to the end. Sweden is a popular country for us norwegians and it is close.

The weather has been superb except the last 48 hours with some rain. Well I don’t mind. All weather like all the four seasons got its charm. To be honest I am not a sunbather. I just love to sit in the shadow and knit. I never get a proper sun tan but turn first red, and then icteric. Well that was a little sidetrack. Our time in Sweden has been flying but its time to go home now.

We have been visiting campsites like Kraja in Arjeplog, Camp Gielas in Arvidsjaur, First Camp Umeå, Bureå camping and we have done some shopping in Skellefteå. Even though there is a lot of people gathered together in a limited area there is not much noise. I don’t mind the children but even then I sense an relaxed atmosphere. There is usually alot of activities at the campsites so I guess many of the children jump early to bed. And you have children late up at night that makes me wondering where the parents are…🤔 I am maybe oldfashioned but I find it really important that the children get enough sleep. Who wants a crumpy and angry kid the following day especially when they are up at the same hour no matter what? It makes no sense to me.

Our summer residence is a Polar caravan 590 model of 2002. We almost got everything except for aircondition and a stove. But it is not a big problem, because every campsites we have visited in Sweden got a service building with a kitchen. And we got a grill so we can barbeque every day if we like. The hygiene is good despite all the people that use the showers and toilets. This year we did not have to pay for having a shower in Umeå. The hat off for them.

From Umeå we drove up north to Bureå camping. It is at least 15 years since last time. But back then we stayed in a four beded cottage. But after we got the caravan I can’t bear the thought of spending the holiday in a cottage. There is an old barn at the Bureå campsite. 15 years ago there was a senior danceparty there. Now they have changed the barn to a mini legoland. They sell lego and you could also sit by a table and make your own lego composition. It is super for kids from 0-100 years. After a night in Bureå we headed for Arvidsjaur and Camp Gielas. It feels almost like home for me. It is a little wistfully to leave but there is a time for everything. After 5.5 hours drive to we are home and already looking forward to the next holiday in Sweden…

Our summer residence

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