Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather

I crossed the Vestfjord yesterday in an unnatural weather. It was so hot in Bodo, so I was really looking forward to cool myself off in the fjord.

The harbour in Bodo

I expected a cold crossing as usual.The crossing took three hours, but the temperature did not drop much even in the middle of the fjord. The doors to the deck was open the entire trip, and I was sweating.

Yesterdays weather in Bodo, Norway
A hot day in Bodo, Norway

I love warm weather but the humidity is the enemy.
The harbour in Bodo
The harbour in Bodo from the ferry’s window

You can expect summer temperatures in the autumn, but 27°C is very rare.
In the southern part of Norway, they got stormy weather with thunder and lightning. People are delayed to the airport in Oslo, because of floods. In the south west of Norway roads are closed because of soil avalanches. The weather is in a way turned upside down and that is frightening me. The north should be south and vice versa, and that is the way it used to be.
Vestfjord crossing in an unnatural weather
People trying to cool off at sea

In the harbour of Bodo, there were a lot of small boats at sea trying to cool off maybe, and no or little wind for the sailboats.
Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
No wind for the sailboat

 The Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather

In the fjord there was more wind, and the waves became larger and swelling. It was a south west wind, still warm, sunny but still no rain. That is unsual and unnatural. You could sit on deck and not freeze. As the waves became larger, people went inside to lay down. The heavy ocean washed the headlands right outside Bodo. I did not like that, because normally the sea would become rougher when we were getting closer to Vaeroey. So I prepared for the worst.

Soon ashore

Luckily and surprisingly I was wrong. One hour before we should dock, I looked through the window. I saw that the wind direction had changed from south west to north. Lofoten was lying in a thin layer of fog, and the sea had calmed down.
What was this? I should be glad. But I got suddenly this feeling that something is wrong with the clima.

Vestfjord crossing in an unnatural weather
Lofoten in a thin layer of fog

The colors at the sky were beautiful, and it was getting dark.
Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
Tourists fishing right outside Vaeroey.

Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
Beautiful colors are the scenery, when another ferry is leaving the island.

Ashore there was 19°C. It is at least 5°C more than normal temperature. Even the wind had a warm touch against the skin. That’s why I would say the Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather felt a bit spooky.
I have realized that the global warming is closing in and we need to take actions.

Careful with the affiliate links

I learned something today, and it has made me very annoyed. It is my own fault, but I have learnt to be careful with my affiliate links. I signed up for Dollar Tree and that´s ok. I read all the precautions and demands and sent my application. And hurray, I was accepted.
So I did what I use to do, I added them in Thirsty affiliate where I usually connect links to certain keywords. It simplifies your linking, and the only thing I think of is updating them. You can also decide when the link shall expire, but that is something you add in the Thirsty Affiliate application.
But, back to my story. I grabbed some links from Dollar Tree into Thirsty affiliate, but when I checked upon the links the screen went completely white. There was many thoughts, and I could not find out what the issues were. I got all the security features I think I needed.
Nothing more happened until the next morning. I got an unpleasant E-mail from Jetpack. They are taking care of my security, so I should be glad they were on the task. They told me that my web site was down, but they were looking into it. Oh no, I said to myself. What has happened here? What on earth have I done? Well, I could get into my admin after a while, but I could not view my site. This ugly message “The page can not be found” is still there. In the header I find tree 😛
I wrote an E-mail to Dollar Tree, and they could tell me that they did not accept keywords. Oh,how could I have missed that? Maybe I just assumed they did? But I can´t recall reading it. So I advice you to be very careful with the affiliate links. The answer for my problems I guess, is Thirsty Affiliate. Read very carefully what your merchant expects from you.
Careful with the affiliate links

An update

Thirsty affiliate or WordPress could not help me remove the horrible /dollaretree addition in my web site address.
Dollartree has not replied to my e-mail, which I find really disappointing and annoying.
I have changed my affiliate plugin and cross my fingers that this would not happen again……

Chronic stress and diseases

I read once an article on a Norwegian web site about how chronic stress can give us diseases. It was actually an interview of Rune Jonassen  from 2014-12.25, a psychologist and scientist at the University of Oslo.

What is normal stress response?

Jonassen explains stress as the condition in which we experience demands exceeding or approaching the level of what we are capable to handle. We all know that stress reactions are normal physical responses, and that some people handle stress better than other.
When we get stressed the heart rate increases and we breathe faster. The stress hormone cortisol release glucose into our muscles and liver, and in this way the body gets extra energy. The immune system is triggered, but when the stress becomes chronic, the system is weakened instead.

Can stress make us ill?

Scientists say that a high level of cortisol is associated with a variety of diseases, because the cells of the immune system stop responding to the inflammation in the body. The consequences are that stress can make us ill.

Chronic stress

Stress that last over a long period of time can trigger various autoimmune diseases. The immune system stars to attack its own tissues and cells, because the body perceives it to be foreign components. It is the same response as if it was a bacteria or a virus. This response can cause diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.
During stress the blood supply to the skin and gastrointestinal tracts may become insufficient. The metabolic process may slow down, and the food can be digested more slowly. Chronic stress may therefore cause diseases like gastritis, ulcerative colitis and ulcer.
When it comes to the skin you may experience pimples and itching.The constriction of blood vessels may also be the reason why the skin lose elasticity and cause early aging. Hair loss are also common, because the body loses zinc. If you got a low value of zinc it may cause burnout, headache, mental disorders and heart problems.
Stress over time can give you a depression. One hypothesis is that depression can have a function to protect the you from the stress.

My chronic stress and disease

I am actually a living proof how chronic stress can have such a bad influence on the body. In 2012 I got ulcerative colitis. I recognize many of the symptoms I read about in the article. Every bone and muscles in the body was painful, and it felts like a non-stop flue. I struggled with sleeping problems for a long time and could not find any rest. The hair loss was massive and always commented by my hair dresser.
To sleep at night I listen to Spotify and sounds from the nature. That really calms me down. Hobbies like knitting , Audiobooks, mindfulness and a long walk each day are important in my recovery program.
Burnout- will I ever recover?
Should I feel any shame?
Hand knitting is mental hygiene
It is time to relax…..
Try to calm down. Prevent chronic stress and its diseases

When your children leave home

I’m in grief. The day has come and my oldest of my two children, Alex is leaving home for university approx 550 km from home. I must say I got mixed emotions.

My child is leaving home for The Arctic university of Tromsø
The Arctic university of Tromsø

Preparation for my children leaving home

I have over the years been collecting table- and cookingwares and bed linen for my sons emigrant day. I have been well prepared, cause Alex has shared his future education plans.So that he his leaving home came not like a bomb. As a parent I am supporting him. But still I am mourning.
I guess this feelings are universial and natural. It is just something we have to go through. Some may say: «Well, that’s life». We all know that, but to come to an acceptance you have to grieve. That’s something I learnt in my psycology lessons once.

When I was leaving home

Personally I left home for highschool when I was 16. My son i I had to rent a room and be very careful with the money. It was actually a tough experience. In the 80’s there was no programs in highschool where the aim was, to take care of young students who had moved away from home. I recall many drop outs. Maybe a social program could have prevented that? I was always broke and lived on sausages, ketschup and spaghetti. That was not much of a diet.
How I envied the students who could still live home with their parents.They got everything. I sat in my 10 m2 rented room and counted every penny…..
I travelled home every weekends. The travel was «an american route» as we used to call it. It was several hours in the Vestfjord in all kind of weather. Always seasick and beaten. I write about The Vestfjord in
My children don't have to cross the Vestfjord

Good luck my dear

I described my feelings as very mixed. I am actually also lucky and excited on behalf of my son. Alex is back in school. He don’t have to pass a fjord, and the university got social student programs. There are many friends in the university, so there is no need to feel completely alone, as I did. A healthy, kind, independent and determine young has now left the base. So I just have to say to myself. That Alex will be fine. It will make him good to leave home…….
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The advantage of e-books and audiobooks

Advantages of e-books and audiobooks

I love to read and a day without  books,e-books or audiobooks are unthinkable. I am a collector but I don’t have to fill my book shelves anymore. Advantages of e-books and audiobooksAll of my books are now stored in a digital book shelve and that is very practical. I have learnt that reading books can benefit your mental health, so keep on reading

Bobsey twins, Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys

I discovered the magic world of books when I was about 10.But it all started when I extremely disappointed got a book without pictures as a Christmas gift. How could my aunt do that to me? I started to read one day, but it must have been of pure boredom. It was the Bobsey twins, and at that time this was a thriller for a little girl.
Later on came Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys along. No wonder I wanted to be a detective when I grew up, just slightly influenced by the literature. My friends and I looked for cases we should solve, for ex when we found a stolen, abandoned bike in the ditch. Neither of us became detectives or police by profession. Well that’s ok because we never solved a case.

Agatha Christie and David Suchet

When I was 14 I discovered the queen of crime novelists, Agatha Christie. There were many late nights because of her. One very fine memory I got is when some friends and I were tenting in our backyard. The sun was up all night so it was hard to sleep. In the northern part of Norway there is daylight 24/7 during the summer. But I got company of good friends and Agatha Christie. The book was extremely heavy. It was a 3 in 1 book. So this one could benefit as an e-book or audio book. But in the early 80’s the mobile phone didn’t exist and I don’t think the term audio book existed.
I guess I have read all the books and seen all the films about miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. To be honest Hercule Poirot was and still is my favorite. When it comes to the films, David Suchet is the Hercule Poirot himself although he appears in movies as a terrorist. Well he does a magnificent job in all characters he plays. He is a kind of actor who can fill any shoe. Just like Meryl Streep…. I should write to him because I am a huge fan of him. Well, I won’t do that. I assume there is nothing new under the sun for him.
What is it about Agatha Christie? I don’t know. I have read the books more than once. There is always a new detail. My husband think I got a memory loss….

Some Norwegian authors

Gunnar Staalesen’s books about Varg Veum and Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole have been some of my favorite Norwegian authors. Varg Veum and Harry Hole are some very similar type of guys. In my head they are both alcoholics, shabby detectives. They both solve any puzzles with in some cases an unorthodox way. Jo Nesbø has reasonly released «Knife». That will be my next audio book. A absolute must……
I have just mentioned two excellent Norwegian authors. That is unfair to the others that have had such a great impact on me. Unni Lindell is the Norwegian queen of crime novelists. I allow myself to list Karin Fossum, Jørn Lier Horst, Tom Kristensen, Tom Egeland and Anne Holt. All of them are a crime or thriller novelists so I am bit silly when it comes to genre.
There are many excellent writers around the world. I tend to read books written by Icelandic, Swedish, English or American authors.

The advantages of e-books and audiobooks

The last couples of years I have read less physical books, because I discovered e-books and audiobooks. The advantages with e-books and audiobooks are many cause both got some practical features. You don’t have to switch on your lamp on your bedside table which may disturb your spouse. When you are on a journey or travel you don’t need a physical book in your bag or luggage that uptain space and gain weight. You can easily read or listen to books in a waiting room. When it comes to digital books you can easily adjust the size on the letters, which can benefit people who is visually impaired.
If you are blind or simply love being read to, audiobooks are a very good choice. You can connect two Bluetooth devices to share the book with your spouse, friend or children. I use to connect my phone to a DAB radio. In that way I try to get my children interested.
Another advantage of an e-book and audio book is if you are rheumatic or struggle with joints- and muscle pain. You can easily set up a digital book on your Ipad, pc or mobile phone. You don’t need to physically hold a book.
The advantage of reading, whether it is a book, e-book or an audio book, as I said in the first paragraph can improve your mental health. can read or listen to books about mindfulness and affirmations.
I got some fantastic Sony headphones which I really recommend .  The housework have become so much easier. Washing the floor goes like a breeze.
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50% Off your first digital audiobook.

My Sony noisecancelling headphones

Have you ever got a gift you didn’t know you needed, and which after a short while meant the world to you? That is the story about my Sony noise canceling headphones.
Headphones, as we all know,  come in different variants and mostly wired. They also come with ear plugs that almost don’t seem to fit the ear tubes. They seem to pop out like pop corn in the micro wave. You can just feel how they are slipping out of your ears and in the next minute they are on the shoulder or the chest. How annoying isn’t that? And those wires I always seem to forget. A little step aside, and the phone is in the floor with a «big bang». I started to use a little fanny bag, but then I have to struggle with the zipper to reach the phone.
Last christmas, as a chrismas gift, I was so lucky to have these beautiful headphones.
My Sony headphones
Since last christmas me and my headphones have developed a kind of symbiotic relationship. If I don’t have my headphones around my neck I feel naked. It is just like driving a car without a car belt. It is unthinkable since the car belt is mandatory.
Technical my headphones are called LE_WH-1000XM3 to be precise. They come in a nice little bag with connectors to pc, radio and a charger. I have only used the charger so far, which is a little bit to short to be honest. I found out I could charge the headphone with my phone charger. In that way the headphones could charge safely at the table. They can connect to any device with Bluetooth and the reach is approximately 10 m.
You can easily choose between ambient sound control on or ambient sound control off, and noise canceling. So if you listen to music or an audio book, you can choose to hear human voices or you can shot them nearly all out.
I listen a lot to audio books and music. It has become so much easier when I don’t have to think of the wire all the time. My Sony noise canceling headphones have also been a must during this summer, because of some couples of sea gulls nesting on a neighboring roof.

Children with ADHD and Tourettes with sleeping problems will benefit using this type of headphones at bedtime and as a noise cancellor at school. Children with ADHD and Tourettes got sleeping problems. That is a part of the diagnosis and a part of medication.  These children are very audio sensitive, so the noise canceling function is an advantage for them. So while they are in bed they could listen to affirmations, mindfulness or just an audio book.The headphones are very comfortable to wear than ordinary ear plugs and much easier to accept. I write about ADHD and medication in

After I started to use the headphones,  I have realized that we are surrounded with a lot of unhealthy sounds. I don’t understand how I have managed without them. Personally when I realized that I have become so very audio sensitive. Maybe I should get an appointment to the psychologist…..😁

A new blogger in WordPress

A new blogger in WordPress
I have always wanted to write and that is the reason why I decided to have a blog. So I am a new blogger,  a typical freshman, a beginner who has to make all the mistakes you can think of. I am among the so called dummies who reads all the articles about do and don’ts. Anyway, I will do the don’ts.
After reading all these articles I have realized that blogging is an art. I believe that each and everyone of us got a story to tell. We all struggle with something that writing can help to heal or ease of. It is a sort of mental hygiene or mindfulness were you either put your problems on hold or become healed.
When I started to blog I first had to decide what language I had to write in. It was not difficult. If I wrote im Norwegian I had already excluded many potential readers. But my problem was that I have not written English for several decades, so the grammar is a bit rusty. In a way I am a beginner in English too. Like how and when to use for an example this and that, who and which and so on.
We got English in school and we also pick up English through movies and tv. I understand the most of it. To master English writing I got to push the button in my head, where I just think in English. But anyway I can not guarantee the English grammar to be right. I still struggle with at, in, on and of, because they are used differently than in Norwegian.  Reading other people’s blogs will hopefully help me.

A freshman in WordPress compared to Squarespace

WordPress is great that way where people can follow each other’s blogs. It was not that easy with Squarespace. I felt in a way more lonely. Just me and my blog and not to forget all the technical problems I got.
I stopped using Squarespace after a couple of months because I did not like it. I normally blog from my mobile phone. In Squarespace I lost many of the edit options on the screen. They edit functions were just accessible from my lap top, so that was very unpractical. I was more annoyed about the technical problems that I did not got time to blog in a proper way.
I gave up blogging then. After a few months pause I decided to try WordPress. Well, I must say I am not disappointed. As a new blogger I will recommend WordPress. It is so much more user friendly and intuitive.
When I found out what plug-ins to use for my blog, WordPress takes care of the rest. I only wish that I could have some free recommended plug-ins from the very beginning. I guess I can find articles about this somewhere. My hard disk is overloaded and full now, so I can’t read more for a while. I lost the micro SD card somewhere during the  summer holiday.
The largest problem for me besides mastering English, is to find something to blog about. There is a lot of things going on every day, but is it something to write about? How I envy people who got a new post every day……..!