Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather

I crossed the Vestfjord yesterday in an unnatural weather. It was so hot in Bodo, so I was really looking forward to cool myself off in the fjord.

The harbour in Bodo

I expected a cold crossing as usual.The crossing took three hours, but the temperature did not drop much even in the middle of the fjord. The doors to the deck was open the entire trip, and I was sweating.

Yesterdays weather in Bodo, Norway
A hot day in Bodo, Norway

I love warm weather but the humidity is the enemy.
The harbour in Bodo
The harbour in Bodo from the ferry’s window

You can expect summer temperatures in the autumn, but 27°C is very rare.
In the southern part of Norway, they got stormy weather with thunder and lightning. People are delayed to the airport in Oslo, because of floods. In the south west of Norway roads are closed because of soil avalanches. The weather is in a way turned upside down and that is frightening me. The north should be south and vice versa, and that is the way it used to be.
Vestfjord crossing in an unnatural weather
People trying to cool off at sea

In the harbour of Bodo, there were a lot of small boats at sea trying to cool off maybe, and no or little wind for the sailboats.
Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
No wind for the sailboat

 The Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather

In the fjord there was more wind, and the waves became larger and swelling. It was a south west wind, still warm, sunny but still no rain. That is unsual and unnatural. You could sit on deck and not freeze. As the waves became larger, people went inside to lay down. The heavy ocean washed the headlands right outside Bodo. I did not like that, because normally the sea would become rougher when we were getting closer to Vaeroey. So I prepared for the worst.

Soon ashore

Luckily and surprisingly I was wrong. One hour before we should dock, I looked through the window. I saw that the wind direction had changed from south west to north. Lofoten was lying in a thin layer of fog, and the sea had calmed down.
What was this? I should be glad. But I got suddenly this feeling that something is wrong with the clima.

Vestfjord crossing in an unnatural weather
Lofoten in a thin layer of fog

The colors at the sky were beautiful, and it was getting dark.
Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
Tourists fishing right outside Vaeroey.

Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather
Beautiful colors are the scenery, when another ferry is leaving the island.

Ashore there was 19°C. It is at least 5°C more than normal temperature. Even the wind had a warm touch against the skin. That’s why I would say the Vestfjord crossing in unnatural weather felt a bit spooky.
I have realized that the global warming is closing in and we need to take actions.

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