Burnout- will you ever recover?

I have written about my chronic disease, ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis and colonoscopy controls
This disease combined with chronic stress and ADHD made me taste a burnout for several years.
But you don’t have to have a chronic disease to get a burnout condition. What ever caused your problems you are maybe asking yourself: I am having a Burnout- will I ever recover?

Are you in the danger zone?

When I am at work I work very hard. I can´t even have my lunch without working. It is a bad habit, but it is hard to change when it is a part of your personality.
So personality got something to say when it comes to getting a burnout.  Are you a yes person and a perfectionist? Do you need more time alone than ever before, and most of your leisure time is all about resting? Do you forget things and are you constantly working to please others? Are you not socializing with other people and do you need something to relax? Do you feel apathetic and are you having mood swings? Well, I have to say you are in the danger zone….


I got the burnout diagnose after seeing a psychologist where I told her that I forgot names, got concentration problems, forgot appointments, forgot what I have told or not told people.  Sometimes I actually could not remember the lyrics of the national anthem. It is like having cotton in my head. https://breathingroom.blog/chronic-stress-and-diseases/ 
So I have asked myself many times; will I ever recover from the burnout? It is not a state of mind you want to be in for long and you can’t rush it. It takes its time….
You have maybe been a person who took care of others, but now it is the time to take more care of yourself. Be a little more of an ego, at least when and if you can. It is a bit difficult when you got children, because you need to prioritize them.

Burnout recovering

The road back is long and I am not there yet. Some psychologists say it may take several years to recover a burnout and you need to be patient. If we are talking about chronic stress it is not a quick fix, because it is easier to prevent than to heal the condition.

Some ideas

I have found my way back, but I haven’t «found myself yet» and maybe I don’t? Anyhow I do listen a lot to audio books, mindfulness and weather recordings on Spotify. The weather recordings actually helps me to sleep and relax instead of taking a sleeping pill. It is so easy to get addicted to them, so Spotify is a good alternative.  I have been very sensitive to music, but nature sounds have never been a problem.
A walk every day,  to get some fresh air will maybe help you to find some sleep.
Yoga is very popular these days when it comes to handle stress and to relax, but it cost some money. https://wp.me/pb4jAC-qS

I am on my way……

I have knitted like a maniac, and after I while I became interested in card making, macrame, crocheting and to sing again in a female choir. The point is to do something you like to keep the depression, anxiety and the mood swing away to a certain point. These three conditions are unfortunately a part of having a burnout.
Yoga is very popular these days when it comes to handle stress and to relax, but it cost some money. https://wp.me/pb4jAC-q
It is important to learn to say «no» when you feel it is to much, because you AND your family will suffer when you are down and out. But it is easier said than done….
Inspired by Quiltspace and Pinterest
Hand knitting is mental hygiene
Setesdal´s sweaters with long collar
Preparing of the christmas gifts
Choir singing is mental hygiene
Will I ever recover?
The road back is long. Impatience will not help, but will you ever recover from a burnout? I don´t know. It depends on you. Are you willing to seek help? Personally I must accept living with my chronic disease and its fatigue. But from the burnout it will take time to recover.
It is time to relax…..
Choir singing is mental hygiene
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Hand knitting and Mental hygiene
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