Self care during your radiotherapy

Treatments to prevent recurrence of breast cancer is individual these days. Back in the early 90`s the treatment seemed to be more equal for anyone with breast cancer: Surgery, chemo- and radiotherapy.  Todays topic is Self care during your radiotherapy. It is just some advice from me as a nurse, friend and cancer patient, but I hope you will get proper information from your therapists before your treatment.
My breast cancer treatment plan

Self care during your radiotherapy


The radiotherapy stops the growth of the cancer cells, or kill them. The therapy will also have an impact on healthy cells, but they will gradually recover. It is very common to become tired because your body is trying to get rid of the waste that is produced during the radiotherapy.  To get rid of the waste it is so important to drink 1.5-2 L of water everyday.
It is also important to do something that gives you energy. A daily walk helped me to avoid the sofa, along with some of my hobby projects.

Stop smoking

I know that it is easier said than done. But if you can reduce the amount of cigarettes to a minimum that would benefit you. Smoking reduce the oxygen saturation in the cells, and cells with little oxygen react poorer to the radiation. That is really good self-care during your radiotherapy!

You may put a daily walk into your schedule to increase the blood circulation. In the long term this would strengthens your immune system.

Skin reactions

The skin may become red, itchy and sore. Some develop radiation dermatitis and ulcer. To prevent these problems you can cool the breast off after each treatment. Just wring a cloth in cold, clean water and lay the cloth over the breast. Afterwards you can let the breast air-dry before you apply a water based moisturiser without any perfume. Note that it is not recommended to use a moisturiser right before the radiation on the treatment day. Some companies make very good moisturiser meant for people with dermatological problems, also the radiated skin. I would recommend products made by La Roche-Posay, but I assume you will find good products from other merchants too.

If your armpit needs radiation it is better not to shave the armpit and use roll on or perfume. The hair will protect the skin.
If you experience skinless areas it is recommended not to  apply a moisturiser, because the skin will become even more irritated and itchy.


You can take your shower.  My hospital used a skin marker to mark the radiation field, but it bleached or almost disappeared during my showering. They constantly had to do the remarking, but I didn`t like that. The therapist came far to close to me, and with the threats of Covid19 I decided not to shower that often as I wanted. Anyway, use a shower soap without perfume and pH neutral. It is also important to use lukewarm water and low pressure. I would advice you not to towel your skin. Just gentle pat the skin dry or even better, air-dry before you put a water-based moisturiser on.


Personally I didn`t have a bath in the bathing tub or a swimming pool during my treatment period. Chloride makes your skin dry and itchy and the water in the bathing tub will become polluted.
If you are having a sun bath, you have to protect the skin, for at least a year. The skin gets easily sore and sunburned, and may get pigmentation. Use colourful clothes and a high sun factor 30 to protect your skin.


To prevent a sore skin it is recommended to use clothes made of cotton or silk. I preferred cotton, because it is easier to get than silk. Rubbing will make your skin even worse. I experienced that it was unpractical to use a bra during the therapy, and it can be smart to let the air in to the breast.


If you in addition, get radiotherapy to the lymph nodes to the neck and the radiation field includes trachea, the mucosa tissue may become dry and sore. You may therefore experience dysphagia. My self care tips for you are to avoid hot foods and drinks, spicy and sour food. You may need painkillers to ease off the pain. If you are having problems to eat I suggest you talk to the radio therapist.

Other problems

During my therapy I experienced that I could not stretch my arm properly. When I should place kitchen ware in my cupboards, I had to stand on my toes to reach the shelf. My solution was actually to exercise every day. After a few days these problems was not a issue to me anymore. I have mentioned it before, but it is very important to get out of the chair and sofa and do something that gives you energy no matter what. This is good psychological self-care during your radiotherapy.

It is actually rather important to continue being kind to your self with some self care during your radiotherapy.
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