Good breast cancer news

Yesterday I read an interview by a scientist from Norway named Håvard Søiland. He and his scientist team have given me hope for the future and some good breast cancer news. Before I reveal what these good news are all about, I have to tell you a little bit about Søiland. He is born and raised in Norway. He was 11 years old when he lost his mother to cancer. Later on he also lost two sisters to breast cancer. But that was not it. He found that he was carrying the breast cancer gene, BRCA1, which his daughter has sadly enough inherited. Because of all these sad incidents, Søiland is now very dedicated to breast cancer. He is an educated bio engineer and professor in breast and endocrine surgery.

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Good breast cancer news

Every year about 3500 women in Norway get breast cancer. Recurrence may come up to 20 years after. Today the recurrence will be discovered as symptoms or during mammography.To make the story short, Håvard Søiland and his scientist team have discovered how to predict breast cancer recurrence almost a year before the traditional examinations like mammography. 

When the cancer cells grow, some of them will die.The DNA-proteins will then leak into the blood. It means that the recurrence can be discovered in a blood test. The aim is to detect these proteins and you can start your chemo therapy or the therapy you need much earlier. 

Good breast cancer news
The hope

I hope this method will be a diagnostic test in the future. The problem is that breast cancer is not only one disease. The scientists need a battery of specific markers in the blood to offer  or produce a specific test. It may take ten years or longer. Until then we have to trust the diagnostic tools we already got. But still, this are really good breast cancer news.

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