My super motivational Fitbit watch

My previous post was pretty anxious and depressive. I wrote Trying to escape my cancer thoughts. My walking was in the beginning rather obsessive but I decided to continue with what has become a daily habit. To make my activities even more interesting I decided to invest in a Fitbit watch. To be honest it is super motivational and helps me proceed my work for a better health.

My super motivational Fitbit watch Fitbit charge 4 watch

I decided to subscribe for a Fitbit premium membership. It is rather expensive and it costs me kr 799 or approximately $ 80. But the membership is free until September, so I have time to decide whether I am going to continue my membership or not. The Fitbit watch comes with a tiny instruction book and a charger, and the set up is rather intuitive. You need a smart phone with Bluetooth and the app need access to your location because it is tracking your activities by using GPS. Because of this you may have to charge your phone often.

The Fitbit premium app

The app is really easy to use. The syncing between the watch and the phone seems to be automatic when the watch and the phone are close to each other. But you can easily swipe your phone when you are visiting the app and the syncing will start.

You can choose between different premium features like health and fitness stats, guided programs, challenges and adventures, workouts and last but not least mindfulness. Your chosen health and fitness stats will be shown at the watch.

At this early stage I am following the health and fitness stats. My watch tracks steps, pulse, REM sleep, hour slept, heart rates zones, skin temperatures, O2 saturation, calories and kilometres. The only thing you must manually log is the water and food you consume during the day. But that is totally up to you. More advance watches can also make an EKG.

My super motivational Fitbit watch
Guided programs

If you want to socialize with other Fitbit users, the app comes with a “community”. It reminds me a bit about Twitter.You can write and get private messages, and you can publish messages.


The Fitbit watch

I struggled a bit with the watch in the beginning until I learnt how to swipe the screen. I often forget to log the type of exercise I am doing but it doesn’t really matter, because it seems like the watch discover whether I am walking briskly or running, when I am in fat burn or cardio modus or not. You can choose between exercises like run, bike, swim, treadmill, outdoor workout and walk. When you “tell” your watch what you want to do, it will vibrate one time for fat burn, two times for cardio and three times for peak. You can turn these vibrations off if you like, because these vibrations use a lot of power and you have to charge your watch often. The vibrations can be turned off at the watch. In addition can you easily connect to Spotify.

My super motivational Fitbit watch

I needed a change in my life and I wanted to become healthier. My main goal is to prevent a breast cancer recurrence and my daily goal is to walk minimum 10 000 steps. Since I started to use the watch the anxiety and the depression are not that overwhelming, and I actually sleep better at nights. The anxiety and depression are still there, but easier in a way. I am often using the mindfulness feature to calm down, and I don`t struggle with fatigue in the same way as I used to. But that is simply because I have become more aware of my activities, nutrition and my water intake. And in addition I have discovered the nature and been to places I have never been before even though I have lived in this town for over two decades. So thanks to my super motivational Fitbit watch!

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  1. This honestly would make me feel guilty all the time. I spend so many hours in chore mode. If it had one that encouraged me not to worry about the house and getting meals done I’d be on it at least to get me walking more which I need to do! Keep us posted!

    1. Thank you Ilene for following me. Sending my love and hope you find time to have a little walk someday. ❤

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