Hiking in my neighbourhood

I am so lucky living in a city where I actually can be hiking in my neighbourhood.

Hiking in my neighbourhood

My city

I am living in a small town called Bodo with just 50 000 inhabitants. Many of us, including me come from suburban districts and we have to move to a city for college or university.
The Vestfjord

Hiking in my neighbourhood

Early April 2021 still ice on the water

Every Sundays my best friend and I are having a long walk. It can be up in the mountain or by the sea. Everything is so close. The opportunities are many. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 10 000 steps and that is not hard to get.
Hiking in my neighbourhood
We are up in the mountain looking down at the town. The funny thing is when we are walking we nod or say hello to complete strangers, and sometimes many want to talk. I find that really amusing. Maybe that is strengthened because of the pandemic. But that is also a part of the north Norwegian spirit.

When the sun is back

This time of the year you have to wear shoes with ice spikes on. To days walk was really icy, but we came down safely. It was windy and – 10 degrees Celsius, so we had to be dressed properly. Almost wool inside out.
I love these walks, because it give me so much energy. The anxiety ease of and I sleep better at nights. I am not depended on my friend, but the advantage is that we are pushing each other to reach our goal. But sometimes I have to to walk alone and then my companion is an audio book. It is not the same as the companion of a friend, but it makes the walk easier.

A very local snow shower

Trying to escape my cancer thoughts
My super motivational Fitbit watch

Covid-19 Vaccines: ‘Frequently Asked Questions Answered’

How does each of the available Covid-19 vaccines work? Once the vaccine is injected, the mRNA is taken up by the macrophages near the injection site and instructs those cells to make the spike protein. The spike protein then appears on the surface of the macrophages, inducing an immune response that mimics the way we […]
Covid-19 Vaccines: ‘Frequently Asked Questions Answered’   
Important: This post is old. The information over time has changed. Please consult your doctor if you have any health issues, problems or any doubts of having the vaccine.

I've Been Vaccinated Wristband

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

I was really looking forward to a long, relaxing Christmas holiday. Christmas 2019 was not emotional calm because of my breast cancer. But what happened Christmas 2020? I was diagnosed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo – BPPV. Why me and why now?

Symptoms and diagnosis

The vertigo struck me like lighting one morning. I should just change my position, but all of a sudden I felt like running all the fastest carousels of the world. In addition I felt terribly nauseous and gradually I developed a headache. Just like that. I could not read the newspaper, watch television or listen to my audio books. It took approximately 15 minutes before I felt  better. Luckily, I had an appointment with my physiotherapist the same day, because I have been struggling with my back for a long period of time. But it was not a pleasant appointment to say it nicely.

At the physiotherapists office

We made som exercises to provoke several vertigo attacks to get the otoconia in place. It is more a maneuver than an exercise, called Dix hall. At the same time the physiotherapist observed my eyes for nystagmus. But during the maneuver I became gradually better, so I could finally relax. No doubt the diagnose was crystal clear, so I could let go of all my worst case thoughts.
Benign paroxysmal position vertigo

The treatment

My physiotherapist was at least optimistic on my behalf, because he meant that I would just need 3-4 appointments repeating the Dix hall maneuver. A friend of mine almost did not leave her bedroom for six months, so I have been lucky. I have just been a bit dizzy in some mornings and nothing like the first BPPV attack. In addition I have done some exercises at home, but have had no dizziness or nystagmus after my last appointment.
Exercise benign paroxysmal position vertigo
The comfort is that BPPV is not something I would die of, even though I was really anxious at first. Who would not be? It is rather normal, but BPPV is not a pleasant acquaintance. Let´s hope for a happy Christmas 2021…
Do I have breast cancer?
Unhappy New year with breast cancer

Hope Shifts: COVID19 to Cancer

I begin and end with hope. Born, we hope to live a long life. We haven’t a clue as to the concept of “not being” yet. It’s hard not to think about the concept of no longer breathing: rising to the sweet smell of ion charged air after a spring rain. The concept of seasons […]

Hope Shifts: COVID19 to Cancer