Pain, Healing, and Purpose

Pain can take many forms. As a pretty concrete person, when I hear pain, I first think about physical pain. Since I live with chronic pain, I’m well acquainted with this kind of pain. However, I’m also acquainted with psychological and emotional pain, not just as a woman living with terminal cancer, but also as […]

Pain, Healing, and Purpose

Visiting the Nyholm’s Redoubt

Today my friend and I visiting the Nyholm’s Redoubt in Bodo Norway. We met both snow and sunny weather on our way. But that is how it have to be up North during the winter. You just have to dress properly and not forget the spiked shoes.

The facts

As far as I know, the Nyholm`s Redoubt was buildt in 1806 to protect the grain storage from attacks from the English warships. This was during the English blockade and Norway was back then part of Denmark, and they supported Napoleon..

The Nyholm`s redoubt The Nyholm`s redoubt

The grain and the fishery failed and the people became totally depended on supplies of grains coming from Russia.. The Nyholm’s Redoubt was taking care of by local fishfarmers suffering under bad conditions.

The Redoubt was never under attacks but it had a deterent effect with its 12 canons and a garnison with 150 men. The war was over in 1818 and handed over to the local authorities. 

The Redoubt was closed in 1835 but in the 1960’s some men started to repair and rebuild the Redoubt.

One of the canons at the Redoubt Canons of the Redoubt

Beautiful view

A lighthouse can be seen from the Nyholm`s Redoubt A fisher boat in the harbour 


  A ferry heading for Lofoten

Looking down at what used to be a lighthouse

The Nyholm’s Redoubt today

The Redoubt is a very popular place to visit. It is a terrain for almost everyone but the last steep hill up to the Redoubt is a backdraw if you are depended on a wheelchair. The view is beautiful and when I am there I do not want to leave. But I can not hurry in such a scenery…….

The Nyholm`s Redoubt
The Redoubt in the Winter

If you, one time in the future and after the Pandemic, want to visit Bodo in Norway, visiting the Nyholm`s Redoubt is highly recommended. Both the boat- and sailing associations are very active and the harbour is pretty lively during spring, summer and autumn.

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