Will there be any further AZ vaccination?

I guess I am not the only one who wish to wake up from this pandemic nightmare. The topic in the media in Norway now a days is much about the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The question is will there be any further AZ vaccination in my country?
Will there be any further AZ vacciantion?

AZ side effects?

The winter has been hard in many ways. I have been struggling with fatigue since Christmas which has not become any better after I had my Astra Zeneca vaccine. In addition I experienced the same symptoms like an ordinary flue such as fever, muscel- and joint pain. But the fatigue has been more or less constant since February 24th.
Well, my problems with the vaccine could have been worse. People have been (maybe) dying of blood clots and the doctors  and experts suspect the vaccine has caused these deaths. The symptoms of blood clots and bleeding has apparently occured 3 to about 14 days after the vaccination. Some of these people were health workers mainly under 50 and healthy, as far as I know.

AZ efficacy?

The other problem with the AZ vaccine is the poor efficacy to the South African corona variant which has been dominant in my town. So I sit here and wondering whether it was a waste of time and vaccine. If I knew back then what I know now I would not have been taken this AZ vaccine. But luckily the health authorities in my town seem to have control with the spread of the infection with good help from the city residents.
I know that millions of people have been vaccinated with the AZ. The company which produce the Astra zeneca vaccine has announced that their vaccine is not the reason for the deaths with blood clots. How can they be so 100 % assure and how dare they say this?
If my health authorities refuse to use the AZ vaccine what would be next for us who already have had our first jab? A vaccine combination has not been tested as far as I know. Well, this is a pandemic experiment but I am not a vaccine opponent and truly believe this is our way out of the pandemic. I have not heard about same severe side effects when the media write about Pfizer. Anyway, will there be any further AZ vaccination in Norway or will we be offered another vaccine? We just have to wait and see……
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