Finally I am fully vaccinated or am I?

Finally I am fully vaccinated or am I ? Time will show.

My first vaccine

My first jab was Astra Zeneca the February 24th. As side effects I had fever and muscle and joint pain. It felt like an ordinary flue. But the Norwegian government and the health authorities decided to leave the Astra Zeneca out of the vaccination program, because of some deaths they thought were caused by the AZ- vaccine. And it seems that they have found evidence for a connection.

Will there be any further AZ vaccination?

Finally am I fully vaccinated?

The day before yesterday I got the Pfizer vaccine, and the day after I had yet again more muscle and joint pain than usual. So much more than I can adress to the Letrozole. I had to have some paracetamol because no matter what position I placed my body in, I did not find any rest. I could not even sleep. But this is a common side effect of the vaccine. Everyone I know have all struggled with sleep deprivation.

After both of my vaccines there have been a big but….. After the AZ vaccine we struggled with the South African Corona variant in my town for several weeks. And the AZ vaccine has a poor effect on this variant. But I guess we are safer with this vaccine than not.

After my Pfizer vaccine the Indian variant is now threathening. It seems like a neverending story, so I expect we have to be vaccinated for years to come. Hopefully they make better and safer vaccines.

Finally my daily hike

Today I am feeling so much better, so I could finally have my daily hike I have become so addicted to. I was visiting the Nyholm’s Redoubt and I had it all myself. That is really rare.

Finally am I fully vaccinated?
All alone at the Nyholm’s Redoubt

The Nyholm's Redoubt canons


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