The Norwegian Constitution Day 2020/2021

I have written to much about breast cancer and diseases in general. But, it is hard not to touch the subject of the horrifying Covid19. We all know, I hope, what to do to prevent the disease. To prevent infection of Corona The Norwegian Constitution Day 2020 May 17 th was arranged without the school parades.
The Covid19 disease and cancer

May 17 th 2020

Last time there were no parades were during the World war 2. So this is, as my son proclaimed it yesterday, the World war 3. In a way he is right. The whole world is fighting a virus. Yet , we dont got any weapons but hand wash, coughing and sneezing hygiene and physical distancing.The only comfort when I compare these wars, it is easier to seek shelter from a virus instead of the bombs. We can stay at home with our family while we are doing our hygienic measurements. But as I have seen in the News lately, some people don't care about the measurements, and they are protesting against the restrictions in their countries. I am very concerned. I am just saying "Stupid is what stupid does" and I just hope they wont become ill or loose someone dear….


Usually the parades are packed with happy children who are laughing, singing and cheering together with their associated schools, walking long distances to the music of a brass band. A Constitution day without a brass band is just unthinkable.
Because of the Corona restrictions the school parades 2020 were canceled. It is a restriction that makes sense, and we had to think on other alternatives. There has been different parades of Am-cars, police cars and parades of boats, ships and sailing yachts almost everywhere in Norway. Very practical when we got to have some physical distance to each other, but at the same time see our acquaintances or just other people.
The weather was on our side, at last. This winter has been long and hard. It was actually snowing May 15 th, but the sun was shining and warmed at least my frozen body. We decided to join the boat and sail yacht parade. My family got a sail boat which is actually my husband`s hobby. It is a 33 feet Contrast with all inclusive:)

The Norwegian Constitution Day 2020 is now in the history books. This has been the best Constitution Day ever my son said before he went to bed. These words meant a lot to us and they came as a totally surprise. Maybe my family at least has started a new tradition. Who knows, only 2021 will tell……

Constitution Day 2021

The Norwegian Constitution Day 2021 has approximately the same rules and recommendations as last year.This year the boat is ashore due to cleaning, polishing and so on, so I have to live on last year’s memories.

The Norwegian Constitution day 2020

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