Breathingroom is my place to vent


It started as, but there was so much going on in my life that there was no time for hobbies. And now Breathingroom is my place to vent.

 Personally I had to face a breast cancer diagnosis  stage II and I had to use some time to accept it. I have chosen to be open about it, because that is my way to cope and heal. And of course because I don’t want people to avoid meeting up with me or to avoid asking me questions. My blog is pretty much about mental health in every aspects of my life. 

I am an educated surgical nurse or peri- operative nurse working as an assistent manager in a Central sterile supply departement. With my 51 years I am a mother of two beautiful sons, and we live in the northern part of Norway. Please forgive me if my English is poor, but I learn every day. I have tried to write a blog in Norwegian. But but since I lost contact with my English speaking friends my blog was changed again.. So I am back with Breathingroom my place to vent…..

My childhood kingdom

Værøy in Lofoten, Norway
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