The Vestfjord

I guess we all got a childhood kingdom with good and bad memories. My kingdom is divided from the mainland by the Vestfjord.

It is very strange how you change the perspective after living in a different place for several years. I was 16 when I moved from Værøy in Lofoten to Bodø for highschool. I was young and felt I didn’t fit in. No friends, no family, no money, no clothes, no everything. How I envied the teenagers who lived with their parents and had enough of everything! I was so determined I should never ever live in Bodø, but I am still here. That’s the irony of life. It makes me think of some words of wisdom:

The life is happening when you are planning something else

In highschool I travelled home every weekend, every fridays via Røst. The travel was back then a 7,5 hours travel over the Vestfjord in all kind of weather. The ferry, m/s. Mosken, was really a remodeled trawler and no weather could stop it (so it seemed). Some time I felt I had been beaten because I was so seasick. A really knock out! The passengers laid everywhere, under and upon tables and in the corridores. You had to be careful where you went and hold on to something really hard, because the waves made you walk in places you really didn’t plan to go😂.

I found out early that the best place to be was on deck in fresh air. In the 80’s the smokers sat everywhere and that didn’t actually help, since I so easily got seasick. I also hated the smell of the diesel once I stepped onboard.

After a strenuous travel, nothing was better than the bed at home, where I after some minutes shivering finally got a good night sleep. And sundays I had to return to Bodø and often with da Capo.

A lot of things have become better since the 80’s. No smoking and no smell of diesel onboard. Most of the ferries crossing the Vestfjord these days are using gas. I am so positive and surprised about the comfort onboard. And crossing the Vestfjord takes only 5 hours via Moskenes in Lofoten.

A modern gas ferry
M/s Mosken

A Campsite holiday in Sweden

Our weekly summer holiday in Sweden has sadly come to the end. Sweden is a popular country for us norwegians and it is close.

The weather has been superb except the last 48 hours with some rain. Well I don’t mind. All weather like all the four seasons got its charm. To be honest I am not a sunbather. I just love to sit in the shadow and knit. I never get a proper sun tan but turn first red, and then icteric. Well that was a little sidetrack. Our time in Sweden has been flying but its time to go home now.

We have been visiting campsites like Kraja in Arjeplog, Camp Gielas in Arvidsjaur, First Camp Umeå, Bureå camping and we have done some shopping in Skellefteå. Even though there is a lot of people gathered together in a limited area there is not much noise. I don’t mind the children but even then I sense an relaxed atmosphere. There is usually alot of activities at the campsites so I guess many of the children jump early to bed. And you have children late up at night that makes me wondering where the parents are…🤔 I am maybe oldfashioned but I find it really important that the children get enough sleep. Who wants a crumpy and angry kid the following day especially when they are up at the same hour no matter what? It makes no sense to me.

Our summer residence is a Polar caravan 590 model of 2002. We almost got everything except for aircondition and a stove. But it is not a big problem, because every campsites we have visited in Sweden got a service building with a kitchen. And we got a grill so we can barbeque every day if we like. The hygiene is good despite all the people that use the showers and toilets. This year we did not have to pay for having a shower in Umeå. The hat off for them.

From Umeå we drove up north to Bureå camping. It is at least 15 years since last time. But back then we stayed in a four beded cottage. But after we got the caravan I can’t bear the thought of spending the holiday in a cottage. There is an old barn at the Bureå campsite. 15 years ago there was a senior danceparty there. Now they have changed the barn to a mini legoland. They sell lego and you could also sit by a table and make your own lego composition. It is super for kids from 0-100 years. After a night in Bureå we headed for Arvidsjaur and Camp Gielas. It feels almost like home for me. It is a little wistfully to leave but there is a time for everything. After 5.5 hours drive to we are home and already looking forward to the next holiday in Sweden…

Our summer residence

Holiday at First camp in Umea 2019

We have now spend a lazy holiday at First camp in Umea, Sweden 2019. It is like little Norway because there are Norwegians everywhere. In between I can hear some Finish, Dutch, Germans and Swedish.

The First camp in Umea

The First camp is an expensive place even when you are camping in your our own  caravan.. But we love the camp. There is a lot of possibilities which makes the place attractive like a swimmingpool, swimming in the bay, football, hiking, playground for the children and much more. It can be windy, but that is lovely when the day is hot. Looking back I must say we have almost always been lucky with the weather. The camp is surrounded with a forrest. Nothing is better lying in bed listening to the whizzing in the trees. The forrest are popular amongst the hikers and people who love to jog.
But when the Pandemic is over I would really recommend the camp and the town.
A Campsite holiday in Sweden

A possible drawback

A drawback, if I should mention one, you got to pay for almost a non- existing shared internet. And if you are travelling with a teenager that is a must. The solution is easy. Next time I’ll bring my «mobile router or broadband» along. Internet and television have never been a big issue until the kids became teenagers.. For all previous years you have had to pay for having a shower. But now you can do that for free.
In perspective this is just trivialities. I feel so ashamed! These issues don’t matter at all. Yesterday (2019) there was a tragic plaincrash in Umea where nine people lost their lifes. I am thinking on them, their families and friends💕
The last days in Umeå, Sweden
So our holiday at First camp in Umea, Sweden 2019 will never be forgotten. But as soon the Pandemic is over we will return….

The last few days in Umeå, Sweden

We have now spend 5 lazy days in Umeå, Sweden at First camp. It is like little Norway because there are norwegians everywhere spiced with some finish, dutch, germans and some swedish people in between. The First camp is an expensive place even with our caravan and you even got to pay for a non- existing internet. And if you are travelling with a teenager that is a must. So next year I’ll bring my «mobile router or broadband» along. Well internet and television have never been a big issue until the kids became teenagers. I really don’t want it but the holidays are not just mine…. Finally you can take a shower without paying «shower money». I don’t know how many times I stood in the shower and there was no money at the card….

In perspective this is just trivialities. I feel so ashamed! These issues don’t matter at all. Yesterday there was a tragic plaincrash in Umeå where nine people lost their lifes. I am thinking on them, their families and friends💕

ADHD and Tourettes in school

Everybody knows someone with ADHD and got some kind of clues what it is. But what if your child in addition tourettes? School and homework are always a challenge.  But with some effort from the parents and the school these kids may have an ok school day.

What is ADHD and Tourettes?

ADHD and Tourettes are neurobiological heritaged conditions. «Attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder is also categorized in some sub classifications.  The child can have mostly attention deficit or mostly hyperactivity and noattention deficit. If your child got the combined type it got attention deficit and hyperactivity.These diagnoses has be changed during the years. A typical ADHD child is immature compares with other children of the same age. They often midunderstand social rules, ending up in a quarrel or a fight. Most of them are not a team mate, and would often not function in a team sport like football.
Tourettes syndrome is a diagnose where people, school and health service have very poor knowledge of. This diagnose is full of myth, stigma and it is rarely portrayed correctly on film and tv. There is nearly always an exaggeration.
Most of the children got moderate tics and will deal with them as they grow up. The tourettes got sudden, unwanted, repeatedly movements or vocal sounds. The tics can be eye winks, facial grimace, nose wrinling, head throwing, nodding, piping, whining, sniffing, stuttering, howling, shouting, cursing and so on. In addition they can have ADHD and OCD, which is obsessive compulsory disorder. Just the tourettes diagnose is rarely.
The tics can move from one bodypart to the other with reinforcement in the presence of anxiety, stress, boredom, looking forward to something, little sleep and medicin.

What about these children in school?

Some of these children with both or just one of these  diagnosis resist changes. Settled routines are very important. Holidays can be a really challenging periode for the child and the parents.
First of all your childs school mates need to know about ADHD and especially the tourettes. The earlier they know about these conditions it could maybe prevent some bullying.
During a school day there can be a lot of different subjects. This may cause many problems like frustrations and anger. Rapidly and many changes during a school day can feed the anxiety and depression. ADHD and Tourettes energy are both intensive conditions. I wrote about this in my post « Metylphenidate, poor appitite in children» Both of the these conditions got attention-and consentration problems. There is a double up.
They struggle at school and many of them go through junior and senior high without any friends. It is important to include these children in the school yard. At least give them an opportunity to join the play. Many are just wandering around alone in the school yard.
Children with ADHD and Tourettes in school need a predictable day to reduce the anxiety and maybe the outrageous behavior. A day plan is a great idea. The teacher can make an appointment with the pupil, and write down on the scheme what exactly the pupil should work with. When the pupil stick to the appointment, he or she could be rewarded with a smiley marked down at the scheme. If the child for an example got 5 smileys during the day, the parents could reward him or her with an ice cream.It means that the main teacher and the parents have to work tighter than others.
Kids with adhd and tourettes syndrome need a lot of breaks. Let them go to a room where they can be alone and do their tics. It is not realistic to think that they can work intesively in 45 min. Since many of these children with ADHD and Tourettes don’t want to be at school,  we have to find a solution they can live with. Let them do their homework at school and give them a proper leisure time.
These kids need an individual school training plan with focus on social skills and spesific subjects the child struggles with. Have focus on the most important subjects. During other subjects he or she can sit by their desk and draw. They will always pick up something from the lecture.
During school test these children could answer the test orally instead of in writing. They often struggle with handwriting. If an oral test is difficult to organize, children with ADHD and Tourettes need more time at tests than other children..
Some struggles more than other. But the children with ADHD and Tourettes don’t struggle with the same things. These children need adults in school who really want to help them, and that they are being treated as an individual with love and respect.