Hand knitting is mental hygiene

 I really believe hand knitting is mental hygiene.The hobby has helped me recover a long period with disease. Burnout- will I ever recover?

A good combination

I often combine knitting with an audio book or Netflix because I need something that disturb my thoughts. The distraction from music, audio books or a movie help me to continue my projects instead of hiding them and forget all about it. It has not always been like that https://wp.me/pb4jAC-b1

In perspective

I learnt to knit when I was just 10 years old. In my childhood there was nothing much to do in the leisure time, except playing football (soccer) or in a brass band. I did that to, but when the weather was bad I loved to sit by the window knitting and watching the waves.  Inspired by my grandmother I learnt to knit from a book. I was really proud of myself when I finished of a table cloth. Looking back some of these table cloths looked like hats though! When I started to knit sweaters they were meant for me, but with time that has changed. It gives so much joy knitting to others, especially to my friends who don´t knit

The goal now is just to relax and have a good time. The larger project, the better. And suddenly I am there where I am supposed to cast off…… Strange thing but I guess it is because I have reached a certain age…..

Hand knitting is mental hygiene

 I seriously believe knitting is mental hygiene.  The anxiety release, a lot of problems are solved during the knitting even when your mind is floating…..The blood pressure, pulse and stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin decrease. You can meet your social needs if you combine the hobby with a friend(s) or meet other people in a knitting café, which is very popular some places.