Is macrame a new hobby?

After my son left home a couple of days ago I have really been in a vacuum condition and decided that enough was enough. So I looked through my chest where I store all of my yarn balls. In the bottom I found some yarn for macrame I had forgotten all about. Well why not? Maybe macrame is a new hobby of mine?

I remember making some plant hangers over 20 years ago,  as a birthday gift to my my mother. But she was not fund of them. I could read her like an open book. This time I would like a wall hanger for myself in an accurant size. Afterwards I see it as an oversized, impulsive and an overoptimistic task for a beginner. Anyway, the macrame is done and my fingers and hands are sore…..

As I said I found some macrame yarn in the bottom of my chest. It got a beautiful blue color and made of cotton. I bought it on a web site in Norway together with some wooden rods. I was disappointed when I got the yarn and even more disappointed when I saw the sizes of the rods I had ordered. The yarn was thin and very stiff. It was not easy to work with. The rods were only 5 mm in diameter, so I must have punched the order incorrectly. As a perioperative nurse I know extremely well these sizes in diameters. We use 5 mm optics for arthroscopy everyday. Anyway, I decided to keep the stuff.

Macrame research

I made first some research at You tube and Pinterest. There are so many clever people out there, who are so passion about macrame. First of all I had to refresh the different knots.

I got my inspration by the following video made of Ideiascriativaspap.

My impulsive macrame project

I made some 20 feet cordings and used to 5 mm rods.  I attached each cords to the rods with larkhead knot.

I found out later on that the macrame cordings were to short. It means that my wall hanging project became smaller than I wanted. Well, I added some new cordings. I decided to change the knots from square to spiral. Between the square and the spiral knots I put a new rod. At last I tied some knots on the fringes in different hights. I decorated the wall hanger with some flowers intended for my cardmaking. The flowers can I change when I got tired of them.

Is macrame a new hobby?

This was a very funny project. I learnt alot and would give you some advice:

  • You got to hang the macrame on the wall, but not to high. If it hangs to high you will quickly feel it in your arms, shoulders and neck.
  • Plan your project better than I did.
  • You need long enough cordings
  • As a beginner I would use a specific pattern.
  • Use some good shoes if you got a very hard floor. I got backpain🙊
  • Use a thick and soft yarn
  • Use some branches from the nature. It add something special to the macrame.

Macrame Kit