My breathing room

Welcome to My breathing room. Who am I welcoming you? I was born in 1969 and grew up in an island called Vaeroey with two brothers. This beautiful island got about 700 inhabitants and is a part of  Lofoten, which is famous for its fisheries and the export of stockfish. Lofoten lies in the northern part of Norway. As many teenagers I had to move to get an education after primary school. I became a trained nurse, and after some years as a hospital nurse I took a master and became a perioperative nurse.

My breathing room

In the beginning  my blog was called «Hobbies of mine». I wanted  to share my passion of life like knitting, weaving and card making and much more.

But then my life took a dramatically twist because I was diagnosed breast cancer in January 2020. I was in shock and my blog became more about breast cancer, therapy and emotions than my hobbies. A living rollercoaster is very descriptive how my life turned out to be. Writing is just one method to deal with a serious diagnose.

I hope you forgive all of my mistakes when it comes to English grammar. 

Audio books, mindfulnes, music and hiking have also become very important to me.  I needed a place to vent and every now and then someone has reached out their hand to help me. I am so very grateful! The fact is, nothing is so lonely like cancer and the cancer family is large, unfortunately. Hopefully I can reach out to you.

The distraction in my hobbies is essential to me. If not, I get stuck in negative thoughts and I forget to live and that is what my site is all about. Carpe diem!

My super motivational Fitbit watch

So welcome to My breathing room.

The beach is just one of my breathing rooms….